AI in marketing agencies

Will you be able to stay up with the competition and meet the expectations of your customers without artificial intelligence? Perhaps, perhaps not, but one thing is for sure: artificial intelligence-powered services are becoming more and more widespread in our daily lives.

Similar to other businesses and industries, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent in the operations of marketing agencies. AI capabilities, such as automatic messaging and the ability to create visual creatives in a matter of minutes, have revolutionized the field and provided previously unimaginable solutions.

In what follows, we’ll discuss a few of those technologies that provide a seamless transition and are readily adaptable to any type of job in agencies.


Chat GPT (Open AI)

Open AI is a renowned platform that provides tens of thousands of services for design, programming, and marketing. Among all the options, ChatGPT is the most suitable for our theme.

Utilized mostly during the ideation stage, ChatGPT can provide a variety of material formats from an alternative viewpoint, drawing from all online resources; nevertheless, access to information will remain restricted until the last months of 2022.

To assist us in coming up with ideas as a first step towards developing a new campaign, we include a new “colleague” ChatGPT in our brainstorming sessions.

For those who are always searching for a shortcut, it should be emphasized that ChatGPT just organizes previously published material and provides a variety of solutions—it does not create any original content.

These services are, of course, included in the free version of ChatGPT. However, the fourth generation of this tool’s subscription edition gives even more choices with more intricate concepts, processing, etc.

We must admit that we have a slight bias when it comes to project management because, in the absence of, we would be completely disorganized. Considering its straightforward useful features for managing tasks and keeping track of them, this application is indispensable for any firm or freelancer.

Workstreams enable quick delivery of tasks between accounts and designers, making it clear which person is working on which project, while also allowing for faster communication between team members and enhancing efficiency.’s artificial intelligence capabilities set it apart from the competition, particularly in job description compilation. It may assist you in gathering the task description and subtasks you need to provide to your colleagues with only a few keywords, saving you significant time that you can use to concentrate on other things.

Furthermore, Workstreams provides integration to Microsoft Teams or Slack for even quicker collaboration and work-from-anywhere capabilities.

Copywriters often experience author’s block, also known as creative block, we all have witnessed it, right? Regardless of how much material is available to you and how well you have thought through the job, copywriters occasionally run out of ideas for creating compelling copy, whether it be lengthy or brief.

JasperAI, which appears as a prodigy in producing excellent content created per your instructions and is especially helpful for social media postings, may always be of assistance in such a case.

Additionally, this application has a Google Chrome extension that lets you produce content directly from any text box. JasperAI is an appealing option for global companies and activities since it can recognize up to 29 languages.


Adobe AI features

It’s never been easier to do tedious tasks like cutting shapes, pasting a fresh backdrop, and eliminating objects from photographs. With Adobe’s new AI tools, designers may create amazing creatives with only a few keywords, expand existing photographs, and enjoy many more advantages.

The way that Photoshop and other Adobe products are used has fundamentally changed, and now there is less time spent on trivia and more time focused on the important things.



The partially free tool – Grammarly, which can also be added as an extension to the Google Chrome browser, takes care of your copy always being grammatically and spelling correct.

It is a first-class computer detective that notices and corrects grammar and spelling mistakes, arranges punctuation marks in the right place, and also suggests what writing style to complete your copy or blog.

Grammarly has an especially useful function where it automatically analyses spelling and finds problems as you text on your laptop or smartphone in the background.


Final words

Within our agency, we frequently utilise these AI technologies to expedite tasks and obtain other viewpoints while producing textual and visual content.

There is a sense of increased productivity; we can finish more projects and tasks each day while maintaining a high standard of quality in order to meet the expectations of our clients.

But we never lose sight of the fact that, in the end, human creativity is unsurpassed, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies serve only as our collaborators.

Article written by

Tomas Gjorgjievski

The quartermaster, keeping the team spirit high and finishing the tasks on time.