Jump over the doubts


One of the top fintech businesses in Macedonia, Credissimo stands out in the industry by providing quick loans exclusively online. On the other hand, the other companies have offline branches where consumers may apply for loans in addition to their online presence. Because of their position in the industry and the fact that their product is mostly dependent on marketing initiatives, Credissimo is a challenging client to work with.

Public skepticism over the loan approval process used by fintech businesses emerged following a number of fraudulent activities in Macedonia involving fictitious applications for fast loans. Then, at this very time, we along with Credissimo realized we had a lot to say on this subject!


Are you ready to jump? Jumping over something is usually simpler than circling it, as we say in Macedonia. From then on, we thought up the notion that you may always overjump the concerns that you are being scammed, simply by using Credissimo.

How then can people jump much higher? Though we had a few thoughts, a trampoline was unquestionably the finest one. So from there, every idea was related to a trampoline.

Our idea was to create a communication platform that we could use not only for an image campaign but also for a sales campaign. And so it turned out in the end.


We brought a trampoline, hired a complete team, rented a studio, and two actors spent nearly the whole day jumping on it while we recorded many shots. Btw, we also shot a lot of photos to have super wacky key visuals.

Here's the final output

Following the fantastic results of the image campaign, we channelled all of its good effects into many more mini campaigns focused on increasing sales.

The campaign was conceived in such a way that it could be easily adapted for a different communication channel, so apart from TV, we were present on digital, social, radio stations all over Macedonia and a large BTL activities in the biggest shopping malls in the country.

sales campaign_

A month later, we added a second sales campaign after the first one, allowing consumers to forego one instalment while the loan was in effect. And this is how it looked....

To complement the videоs that were airing nonstop, numerous creatives were made for various channels and purposes. We also produced instructional short videos that tell viewers how to apply for credit in the simplest and safest way possible.

We are providing some of them for viewing pleasure.

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