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BIG prizes for BIG players


One of the largest sports betting companies in Macedonia is Zlatna Kopacka, which has over 100 payment locations nationwide and a sizable player base. In contrast to rivals that provide rewards with each payment, Zlatna Kopacka fell short in that regard.


How can we engage with gamers, keep an eye on their behaviors in real-time, and provide them with even more benefits? Developing an application that will link online and offline betting activities and be available to all users sounded like a good idea.
Similar to the other commercial sports betting companies in Macedonia, Zlatna Kopacka also does not have a license for online betting.


We dubbed our new loyalty program Bet&Get. You will receive more benefits as a more devoted player. We have converted the loyalty program into an application with many levels of protection and authentication that is available for download by anybody who is at least eighteen years old. It is also integrated into the betting platform.

Every player has a unique barcode in their user profile on the program. When they make a payment in one of the shops, they scan this barcode on the barcode reader to register the payment on their user profile.


However, how can we encourage users to download the app and modify their daily habits such that each time they make a payment, they scan the barcode from their profile?

Every ticket with even one misspelled tip on it will be eligible to win a BIG reward in our contest! However, what exactly is a BIG prize for players in sports?

El Clasico for two, with paid hotel and airfare transfer, is a BIG prize for sure!

The Champions League match between Atletico Madrid and Milan is the BIG prize.

A BIG prize is to witness Messi play against Monaco in Paris, complete with round-trip airfare and lodging in the city of light.

A ticket and complete set-up for every Macedonia game at the European Handball Championship is a BIG prize.

Watching the Italian Football Derby in Turin is always a BIG PRIZE for Italian football fans.

Watching Bayern Munich and Dortmund play in the German Der Klassiker is a fantastic treat and BIG prize for supporters of both clubs!

Additionally, at the very end, we gave away a BIG PRIZE to all of the followers of the world’s fastest circus at the most renowned Formula One event, Monte Carlo.

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