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In Macedonia, Zito Leb is without a doubt the industry leader in terms of bakery chains, including both shops and staff, not to mention revenues. Nevertheless, this corporation has not engaged with its clients and potential target group in that manner since the purchase of shops in the capital.


Summer is a period when the volume of work in the bakeries in the capital decreases drastically, and the demand increases in the tourist centers of the country, such as Ohrid, the city where the company Zito Leb originates from, but also Struga, where it also operates.

In consideration of this fact, our team came up with the concept to develop a sales campaign in which we would both raise the average bill ammount and increase the number of bills—particularly in Skopje and among the younger target audience.


Every bill that is worth more than 99 mkd denars is eligible to compete for the grand prize, which is a two-person vacation to Cappadocia and a hot air balloon ride. Whether the bill is a winner or not, you will get an instant SMS with the status.

We also handed away a weekend getaway in Ohrid, a GoPro 6 camera, 300 beach towels, 300 swimming inflatable tubes, and 300 vouchers for Zito Leb bakeries worth 200 denars each, in addition to a trip for two to Cappadocia.

30 days totaling 604 awards, or about 20 rewards every day.


We rented billboards, bus stops, local radios, televisions, produced TV animation, branded all points of sales, and, of course, we were proactive on social media and digital media.

Given that the KV design was centred around clouds and hot air balloons, everything of the branding was centred around those themes, which provided the campaign a really novel feel because it is unusual to equate a hot air balloon with a bakery.

We also included an educational component to the campaign, explaining to customers how they might get involved and offering daily menu options that cost more than 99 denars, among other things.

Here's how the animation looked:

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