5 tech tools for perfect harmony between creativity and efficiency

It’s difficult to work at a marketing agency on your own, without help from tech tools and platforms, when demands from customers are always coming in, deadlines are being chased, and new projects are being developed to offer clients extra value. As such, it is imperative that you constantly use tech tools that will not only simplify your job but also create a proper balance between efficiency, time consumption, and a better emphasis on your creativity while creating new dishes.

In this article, see what kind of apps are we using at Identity along with how they assist us in creating the best workflow possible for each and every project we put our all into.


First and foremost, transparent, goal-oriented communication.

I believe that each team has a group on WhatsApp, Viber, Discord, Skype, or Messenger; yet, you seldom see all that is discussed in these groups. Such platforms are mostly used by team members to connect informally in private, therefore a clear boundary should be created between work and personal life.

We use Slack for all of our business communication to adhere to these habits. Everything that occurs takes place precisely in the channels that are designated based on the subject, such as #general, #web, #socialmedia, #advertising, etc. Of course, for clients with greater workloads, we also have dedicated channels. Our goals are to complete all projects on schedule, to be more organized, and to identify tasks that are high priority as well as those that are not.

Thanks to the Slack App Directory, we’ve been able to integrate other tools into our team, so where we communicate, we collaborate as well.


We discovered it as a suggested productivity and task management app in the Slack App Directory. After giving it a try, we were immediately enamored with how quickly and effectively you can manage all the projects where you communicate because it functions not only in Slack but also displays tasks and taskboards on the web.

It offers an extensive list of features, including the capacity to design a workflow specifically for each demand, process automation, and AI assistance.

Google Calendar

Always on time and always according to plan. Considering that Google Calendar integrates with both Slack and workstreams.ai, it was an ideal match for all of our needs because everything is conveniently located in one place!


There can never be a set time for brainstorming. I think it takes days and days to prepare a draft concept. Because of this, our team uses this brainstorming tool on a near-daily basis. Every concept is recorded there, and many more ideas come from it.

Ideal for idea-generating meetings, after work, or anytime a brilliant idea strikes for your upcoming undertaking.


Since social media isn’t always an inspiration, managing a dozen clients requires a dynamic, well-thought-out plan that must be executed every day with accuracy and efficiency.

Our recommendation for this issue is Airtable, an ideal platform that allows you to see every day what has to be posted, on which channel, in what format, and so on. This platform’s segmentation by customers, periods, days, and several other filters, which allow you to quickly see what is scheduled for publishing at any moment, is what makes it the ideal option for this purpose.

Article written by

Andrej Mindov

Captain on board, view Slack discussion lover, interista and il perfezionista.